Shmoki Pairs Sustainability with Style, Unveils T-WEEZY Collab

Shmoki Pairs Sustainability with Style, Unveils T-WEEZY Collab

The world of hip hop and fashion have always been intertwined. Shmoki is a great example of this relationship, serving as both a music producer and apparel company. The Swedish brand produces amazing beats paired with sweet styles, allowing hip hop fans to merge style and sustainability.

A Commitment to Sustainable Clothing

When it comes to clothing, style and comfort do not have to be two separate things. Many customers of Shmoki have found that their products both look and feel great! However, what you may not know about this innovative brand is their commitment to sustainability.

Sweden is well known for its strong commitment to sustainability through things like recycling programs. Thus, it is not surprising that a company like Shmoki would hold these values as core to their identity as well.

Apparel produced by Shmoki is made from recycled material, ensuring that your purchases don’t just improve your style but also mean you are helping the environment. This commitment to sustainability is yet another way the organization stands out.

Additionally, Shmoki’s process involves beginning to make an item when it receives your order. While this takes a bit more time for delivery, it also ensures that the company only produces exactly what is needed. This means there is no waste from products created but not sold.

Shmoki Introduces T-Weezy Collab

Fans of the Swedish hip hop scene are likely already familiar with T-Weezy. The Nigerian born rapper currently based out of Uppsala, Sweden, has been increasing his presence in the international hip hop scene recently.

A talented rapper, T-Weezy has been impressed fans with his versatility. He has a history of being able to shift between genres and has also garnered attention for breaking boundaries within the hip hop industry.

T-WEEZY hit the Swedish scene with his debut, “Old Me.” Since then, he has released a number of impressive hits including “Hell Nah,” “Dubble Cup,” and recently  “Cold.”

Tell The Truth Vol.1 (Cover Art)

The apparel collaboration with Shmoki is in preparation of T-Weezy’s highly anticipated album Tell the Truth, Vol. 1 that will be dropping on the 18th of November. T-Weezy fans can go to the Shmoki apparel site to purchase a customized hoodie that highlights the album on the front with a full track list on the back.

This hoodie features organic cotton and a brushed lining made from recycled polyester, following Shmoki’s commitment to sustainability. It has raglan sleeves and drawstrings. It is available in seven sizes and six colors. T-Weezy fans will find it to be both stylish and comfortable, a great way to show their love for the talented rapper.


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